Internet Bandwidth has Changed!

Tired of getting calls from Internet providers, sometimes daily! Is that why so many companies just keep the same company and just renew when their contract is up. It’s a big hassle isn’t it?

ATSnexgen is going to change all that for you. We do the grunt work for all the research and give you the best quotes based on what your needs are. It’s that simple. We do the hard work and you reap the benefit of saving “money and time”!

We offer:


- Converged Business Network

- Internet Services

- Private Line Services

- Rural Access Solutions

- Virtual Private Network


- Local

- Long Distance


- Content Delivery Network (CDN)

- Vyvx Services


- Colocation

- Dark Fiber

- Managed Router

- Managed Security

- Managed WAN Optimization

- Professional Services

We represent over twenty Six Internet providers at Wholesale Rates:

That’s just most of the big ones you would recognize but there are more !! How many can you shop? As many as we have and they all bid against one another, because in the end it’s about one very important factor. How close to the central office are you? The closer the Internet provider is to the “Central Office” the lower your costs will be. That is the key. Unless you have fiber coming into your building or you can get Verizon FIOS because it’s there. However there are some other important factors as well. Let us educate you and we will be your researcher do all the heavy lifting and you sit back and wait to see the incredible pricing we will present you with.

Sometimes it is not best at all to sign three year term contracts? Less flexibility and it usually costs you more. Two years is usually the max. Most sales reps do not want to tell you that since they make more money and have quota’s. We don’t. There is no pressure. However you can be rest assured that our customer service has your back and when you need us we can jump through hoops for you as well. After all your our boss, and when your boss ask you for something to you sit on it? No and neither do we that why companies do business with ATSnexgen. We know how do get the job done.


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